Sport For Good New York City

In January 2018, we teamed up with Nike to launch Sport for Good New York City, a collective impact initiative committed to improving the lives of under-served youth in New York City’s five boroughs through the power of sport. Through cross-sector collaboration at the local level, Sport for Good New York City is ensuring that more children and youth have access to high-quality, youth-centered sports programs. Since this launch, Sport for Good NYC has:

  • Formed a robust and diverse membership community of 62 organizations representing 31 different sports and serving over 177,000 young people across the city
  • Provided $2M in grants impacting the lives of over 40,000 young people
  • Trained 600+ local coaches in sports-based youth development and positive youth development best practices
  • Launched a Nike Made to Play Community of Practice in 2022,  a three-year, $1M program that empowers organizations across South Bronx and Central Brooklyn to create access to sport and safe spaces for girls of color and women coaches of color.

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Mario Biancamano, South Bronx United

Kelly Carroll, DREAM

Kimberly Chinn, Up2Us Sports

Joyce Duverce, DYCD

Maria Heskin, Women’s Sports Foundation

Danielle Hundt, Play Rugby USA

Allison Johnston, Juxtapodium (Chair)

Dominique Jones, Global Kids

Sasha Diamond-Lenow, StreetSquash

Alexis Page, Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation

Alesha Smith, Peace Players

Adrian Sutherland, Publicis Sports Media