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In January 2018, we teamed up with Nike to launch Sport for Good New York City, a collective impact initiative committed to improving the lives of under-served youth in New York City’s five boroughs through the power of sport. Through cross-sector collaboration at the local level, Sport for Good New York City is ensuring that more children and youth have access to high-quality, youth-centered sports programs. Since this launch, Sport for Good NYC has:

  • Formed a robust and diverse membership community of 62 organizations representing 31 different sports and serving over 177,000 young people across the city
  • Provided $4.5M in grants impacting the lives of over 50,000 young people
  • Trained 600+ local coaches in sports-based youth development and positive youth development best practices
  • Launched a Nike Made to Play Community of Practice in 2022,  a three-year, $1M program that empowers organizations across South Bronx and Central Brooklyn to create access to sport and safe spaces for girls of color and women coaches of color.
  • Since our founding, we have distributed over 150 grants to SBYD organizations across the five boroughs.

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Kelly Carroll, DREAM

Kimberly Chinn, Up2Us Sports

Tracy Garcia, DYCD

Danielle Hundt, Play Rugby USA

Allison Johnston, Juxtapodium (Chair)

Dominique Jones, Global Kids

Sasha Diamond-Lenow, StreetSquash

Alexis Page, Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation

Alesha Smith, Peace Players