Sport for Good Chicago

Launched in June 2018, Sport for Good Chicago Sport for Good Chicago is a collective of more than 150 professionals representing more than 40 organizations that believe that sport has the power to change the world. Sport for Good Chicago, provides a platform for collaboration and advocates for sport as a vehicle for change in our community. Together, we imagine a Chicago where child has the opportunity to be part of a team, every coach is trained in life-skill development and sport-skill development, every park is a safe haven, and every program receives the support it needs to thrive.

Sport for Good Chicago is Laureus USA’s fourth Sport for Good City, built on learnings and experience from our efforts in Atlanta, New Orleans, and New York City.

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Andre Lodree: Executive Director, Four Point Play

David Flynn: Managing DirectorWe Coach

Meghan Morgan: Executive Director, Girls in the Game

April Lillstrom: Program Director, Urban Initiatives

Jamyle Cannon: ​Executive Director, The Bloc Chicago

Oji Eggleston: Executive Director, Chicago Survivors

Jamison Merrill: Chief Program Officer, Up2Us Sports

Lea Jesse: Executive Director, First Tee of Greater Chicago

Mica Hernandez: Teacher, Eli Whitney School

Hannah Press: Physical Activity Specialist, Chicago Public Schools

Trena Harris: Deputy Director of Revenue, Chicago Park District

Crystal Lein: Program Director, Chicago Run

Andrea Johnson: DirectorPeacePlayers Chicago



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