Our Impact

Our Core Outcome Areas

We support the growth of non-profit organizations that use sport/physical activity to intentionally achieve impact in one or more of the following areas (based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals):

  • Education - More youth attending and completing school with increased attainment   
  • Health and Wellbeing – Reducing childhood obesity, increasing physical activity, and/or increasing social-emotional learning assets in children and youth   
  • Employability– Increasing technical skills, qualifications, and soft skills of youth that help prepare youth for employment   
  • Inclusion: Creating communities that embrace ethnic, cultural, sexual, and physical difference and promote racial equality 
  • Peace Building: Resolving conflict, supporting community peacemaking, and access to safe spaces   
  • Gender Equity: Increasing participation and leadership of women, girls, transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive individuals and promoting equity, empowerment, and safety  

Impact Highlights – From Our Work

In 2022, we reached 82,409 young people across the country through over 100 grants to sports-based youth development programs, and supported over 200 community-based organizations through our wider membership network. In addition to our Sport for Good cities, we provided grants to organizations in Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Cleveland and beyond.

Of that population, approximately:

  • 77% are low-income
  • 51% are female
  • 40% are African American
  • 41% are Latinx
  • 6% have a disability

Out of our program portfolio, we measured the following impact on youth in our Laureus Social Focus Areas: 

Health and Wellbeing 

  • 82% of youth improved physical health 
  • 81% of youth improved social-emotional health 
  • 77% of youth reported an increase in “sense of belonging.”


  • 82% of youth improved educational outcomes 

Peace Building

  • 95% of youth improved community cohesion 


  • 51% of youth improved employment indicators 

Gender Equity

  • 51% of youth served identify as female
  • 30% of programs focused on programming specifically for women and girls

Laureus USA also provides evaluation support in partnership with Hello Insight.  Our 2021-2022 Laureus cohort surveyed close to 6,000 youth spread across 44 organizations, 87 programs, and 199 sites to capture social emotional learning growth.

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