Edwin Moses tribute to Sandra Kelly

The news of Sandra Kelly’s passing leaves a gap in the lives of everyone at Laureus and in the wider world of sport.

There are some people we meet in our lives who have the ability to engage our interest and admiration on many different levels and Sandra was just such a rare person.

I will remember her as a successful businesswoman who became a wise counsellor as a board member of Laureus in the United States; an enthusiastic ambassador for the city of Philadelphia which she loved so much; and of course for her never-ending commitment to sport, at all levels, from grass roots through to significant roles in the Olympic Movement in the United States, just like her husband Jack.

It’s an admirable list of achievements, but what will remain with me, and I am sure with my colleagues, are our personal memories of Sandra. She was a lovely, warm person and she shared the passion of what we are trying to do with Laureus in the United States. She may have gone from us, but she will never be forgotten.

She truly was a member of the Laureus Family and she will be missed.

With sincere best wishes,

Edwin Moses
Chairman, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

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